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Thousands of students experience the excitement of the Outdoor and Environmental Education (OEE) program at YMCA Camp Seymour every year, exploring ecosystems, understanding natural resources, and improving outdoor and group building skills. Our naturalist staff hails from across the United States. With college degrees in environmental studies or outdoor education, they are hired for science skills, teaching experience, and enthusiasm.

Our program is designed for 4th through 6th-grade students, but can be tailored to any age group. Students spend from 1 to 5 days participating in hands-on classes such as marine science investigation, squid dissection, forest ecosystems, wildlife ecology, reptiles, sustainability, orienteering, canoeing, small group team building utilizing a challenge course, zip line, and climbing wall. 

Classes are designed to enhance Next Generation Science and Washington State Learning Standards. Evening activities provide fun and fellowship for students, teachers, and parents.  


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