Our Food Philosophy

The Y of Pierce and Kitsap Counties promotes healthy lifestyles including eating nutrient-dense foods. The kitchen staff at Camp Seymour support and model these expectations in every meal we serve.                                                                            

The strong relationship between diet, health and the increasing rates of over-consumption and obesity make supporting healthy food choices here at Camp Seymour a priority.

Camp and school programs eat family style to promote conversation and community. Our weekend guests eat buffet style to support positive smaller group and parent/child interactions. Healthy choices are available for all appetites, from little campers to adults!               

Contact us at 253-884-3392 to discuss:

  • Dietary concerns not addressed
  • Menus during your visit or your child's visit
  • Specific questions regarding our food products

Food Allergies and Special Diets


Our breakfast bar includes fresh fruit, cottage cheese, yogurt, oatmeal, and cereal (soy or cow milk). Our lunch/dinner salad bar offers a healthy selection of fresh vegetables, salads, soups and fruit. We serve a vegetarian alternative to each main course.                                                                                                       

Tree nuts and Peanut Allergies

We are a NUT FREE campus. Even our peanut butter is Soy.                                                    

Please ask about

Gluten Allergies - We may be able to provide some gluten free items such as pastas, pizza, pancakes, breads and desserts. Please call and talk with the kitchen manager.                      

Kosher - We may be able to meet your needs with vegetarian options. Please call and talk with our kitchen manager.

Vegans - We do not provide vegan meals, but can provide a lot of animal-free food.

We encourage parents to send supplemental food items in a small “igloo” style cooler with their child name on it. Please include inside as many “store purchased” unopened items as you are comfortable with your child eating, and we are will be happy to refrigerate those items and make them available during meals.

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