Camp is a place where we teach kids about acceptance and tolerance. We co-exist with other campers, share stories, and life lessons and learn to appreciate others for who they are. Camp Seymour is a place where kids can feel as if they belong.


Kids lives are filled with distractions of video games, texting, TV, and screen-time. An experience at Camp Seymour gives kids the, much needed, chance to disconnect from the technological world and re-learn how to connect face-to-face. We involve children in active, physical outdoor activities.


We teach kids how to make friends and provide positive staff role models to help them be successful at camp and connect with others. The "cabin group" and "unit" structure, gives kids a much-needed identity at camp, which helps them to fit in. Camp Seymour staff work extremely hard to help kids connect with new friends and form positive bonds with their leaders and the camp leadership.

Please, don't hesitate to give us a call at 253-884-3392 or drop our camp director an e-mail at lmclain@ymcapkc.org and we can help you find the perfect program for your child.

Prices range from $399 - $1,349. 

See below program information for dates and rates.  



Pioneers: Grades 2-3

$399 - Entering grades 2-3

An introduction to overnight camp, 4-days/3-nights - Just long enough to be successful! Low camper to staff ratio to ensure each camper feels welcome and supported in their experience. Campers travel together and sample activities like archery, boating, and climbing wall.

Check back in September for 2020 dates

Trailblazers: Grades 3-4

$749 - Entering grades 3-4

The joy of independence and the acceptance of newly formed friendships will all be discovered as Trailblazer campers select a specialization in: sports activities, craft activities, or marine science activities. Rounding out the week, campers experience boating, climbing wall, games, crafts, or archery.

  • Swim lessons for all Trailblazers
  • Overnight campout under the stars, on Camp Seymour's ball field
  • Weekly, themed events

Session 8: August 18-24 FULL

Explorers: Grades 5-6

$749 - Entering grades 5-6

The Explorer experience is about being yourself and being accepted for who you are. Campers choose their daily camptivities that allow them to break away from their cabin group and specialize in activities such as: climbing wall, water sports, boating, specialized crafts, soccer, basketball, marine science, outdoor adventure, and performing arts.

Session 8: August 18-24-Closed

Mountaineers: Grades 6-7

$749 - Entering grades 6-7

Mountaineer campers are all about exploring group and team dynamics in the outdoors. Our inclusive and progressive program encourages personal growth and confidence with high ropes, kayaking, and our Raggers program. Campers also get to experience the classics such as: climbing wall, water sports, specialized crafts, soccer, basketball, marine science, outdoor adventure, and performing arts.

Session 8: August 18-24-Closed

Voyagers: Grades 8-9

$749 - Entering grades 8-9

Voyager campers are often comfortable in a camp setting and ready for a little more. They participate in all of the traditional camp activities with the addition of group focused teambuilding games and activities. The Voyager program emphasis is on building positive peer relationships and learning to be tolerant of others and their ideas.

Session 8: August 18-24 Closed

Teen Adventure Trips: Grades 7-10

Teen Wilderness Adventure - $849

The positive staff role models of the Wilderness Adventure trip help teens build self-esteem, disconnect from distractions, and make new friends during a two-day backpack trip and three-day kayak trip. This introductory trip is great for teens who want to try a new adventure in the outdoors. We have a boys-only and girls-only trip for middle school aged campers!

TWA 8 (Girls Only entering 7-8 grade): August 18-24 - Closed

South Sound Kayak (Co-ed entering 9-10 grade) - $849

Teens participate in Camp Seymour's challenge/adventure course and self-rescue training before leaving on a four-night adventure in the Puget Sound. While paddling on the Sound, teens bond with each other and experience the outdoors from a whole new angle. This beginner trip requires strong cardio and advanced swimming ability.

Check back in September for 2020 dates

TREK: Grades 9-10

$1,349 - Entering grades 9-10 FULL

TREK campers focus on becoming leaders among their peers through challenge/adventure programming, an extended wilderness experience at the coast in Olympic National Park, volunteer experiences both on and off-site, and co-existing in yurts and other outdoor camping experiences.

  • Leadership Activities
  • Plan/Host events for Kids
  • Volunteer at the Creviston Valley Farm
  • Challenge/Adventure Couse
  • Olympic NP Backpack on the Coast
  • Camping Under the Stars
  • Positive/Supportive Camp Staff Leaders
  • Great New Friends


QUEST: Grades 10-11

$1,049- Entering grades 10-11 Full

QUEST is an extended wilderness leadership program that allows participants to self examine their leadership styles, take on leadership roles with groups of their peers, and develop lifelong friendships. Camp staff with extensive wilderness experience and advanced medical training lead this ten day/nine night paddling and backpacking adventure into Olympic National Park, Ozette wilderness.

  • Challenge Course Experience at Camp
  • Trip to Tivoli Island on Lake Ozette
  • Trail Boss for a Day
  • Multi-night Camping and Hiking along the WA Coast
  • Personal Growth Reflections and Experiences


LEAD: Grades 11-12

$1,199- Entering grades 11-12

Teens that would like to prepare for working in an overnight camp can train in child development and child abuse prevention, plan/deliver activities for kids, gain valuable hands-on experience shadowing camp staff, and develop a deep understanding of the inner workings of an overnight camp. Week one, of this two-week program is spent developing skills essential to become a leader, building self-confidence, learning to work as a team, planning activities and enhancing kid skills.

  • Hands-on experience
  • Training
  • Positive Peers
  • Great Staff Role Models
  • Community Engagement
  • Service Opportunities

Check back in September for 2020 dates

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