Kay-Jana had never been to camp before, but after experiencing Camp Seymour, she never wanted to leave. The first day of camp Kay-Jana felt nervous and afraid she wouldn't make any friends. Now she laughs that she has too many to count. Camp opened Kay-Jana's eyes to a world of opportunities she didn't previously know were available to her. She especially appreciated the chance to be loud and try things she couldn't do at home, "We live in an apartment on the top floor, so it's hard to run around and do much because the neighbors would get mad at us," she explained.

Of particular significance to her was the rag program, a longstanding camp tradition that incorporates goal setting with mentorship and a symbolic bandana. "You don't get a lot of chances to do great things. When a lot of people set goals, you don't have that important symbol that you can look at to remind you of your goals," she reflected. 

 "I loved that this camp pushed us to our challenges and supported us in our fears," said Kay-Jana. There was so much support."

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