School wasn’t easy for Bryce. She was bullied and didn’t feel like she fit in
anywhere. Her mom noticed she struggled to make friends and connect with
people. Family friends suggested summer camp at Camp Seymour, and it was
just the change Bryce needed.

Bryce first came to Camp Seymour at the age of 8 years old, and she’s come
every summer since. For Bryce, camp is a place to grow and be accepted, and
it’s something she looks forward to every year.

“Every summer when I come home from camp, my mom always notice something
different about me,” said Bryce. “She always says that I am more confident and
proud. We don’t have a lot of money but because she sees the change in me,
she always finds a way to send me.”

Bryce’s ultimate goal for the next few summers is to build the skills needed to
become a counselor.

“I want to be that counselor when the kids come back they are so excited to
see,” said Bryce. I want to live simply and find the small things in life as joy.” Julianna, Bryce’s counselor, has no doubts that Bryce will achieve her goals. “Bryce has a heart of gold for everyone she meets here at camp,” said Julianna. “I know she will thrive at being a counselor and will change lives.”

“Camp is accepting. Camp is supportive. Camp is Amazing.”-Bryce Hartzell

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