Graydon first came to Camp Seymour at the age of 11.  For Graydon, camp is a place that gives him confidence to help people and to be himself.  He was excited to come back this year after struggling last summer.  Now camp is something that Graydon looks forward to every year.

Between playing carpet ball during tailgate, participating in the archery camptivity (his favorite), and assisting his fellow campers at the waterfront Graydon told Camp that he lives by three words. At camp and at home, the values he’s since learned to live by are “Respect, Responsibility, and Resourcefulness.”  His mantra echoes Camp Seymour’s core values, something Graydon understood to be important not just during his week at camp.

Graydon’s goals for summers to come are to continue living the values he’s learned at camp.  As he puts it, “I just wanted to be a better person.  I hadn’t been helping people out last summer but I’ve been doing my best this year.  It’s been a part of me since.”  Graydon has developed into a very respectful and responsible camper.

 “Be respectful to everyone, be kind, help others, and try your best.”  - Graydon Pierce

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