Before she was even old enough to go, Caitlyn was ready for camp. As a young kid, she would look forward to dropping her older siblings off and picking them up so she could see Camp Seymour. She’d beg her parents to let her go, always asking when she would be able to go to camp. Then in second grade, her time came. Her mom signed her up for camp, and she has been coming ever since. Now a sophomore in high school Caitlyn loves returning to camp, singing the catchy camp songs, and getting to meet new people. “Before camp, I was alone a lot during the summer. But now, I have something to look forward to annually.” 

Throughout her many years at camp, Caitlyn credits the Rag Program as having the greatest impact on her. ”Camp is a lot of fun activities, jokes, and songs but the Rag Program is something that is very serious. It’s something you should take to heart.” For Caitlyn, her rag is a physical reminder to keep reaching for her goals, even if it’s not the goal she sets for that specific rag. It helps keep her going and make sure she accomplishes her goals.  

Caitlyn’s ultimate goal she has set for herself is to become a camp counselor. With her dedication to the rag program and her ability to connect and work with her peers, she’s working to achieve this goal. Caitlyn’s counselor Ethan believes she has the foundation for a great counselor. “Her willingness to help her peers is a great example of leadership. Caitlyn is a role model and an amazing leader.” Next year, Caitlyn hopes to return to camp and participate in LEAD to help her achieve her goal of being a summer camp counselor.

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