“Camp is like a family. Being able to sleep in a cabin with a bunch boys I now call friends, making sounds and laughing is something that I don’t get to do at home.” Baharani Ali

Coming to camp for the first time can mean many things for people but for Baharini who likes to be called Baha, it was the chance for freedom and to participate in activities that he can’t do at home.

The first day of camp Baha was both excited and nervous, but ready for the adventure. His cabin leader, Alfie said “from the start, Baha was very outgoing and liked by his peers due to his fun, loving and inclusive attitude. He helped our cabin grow together from day one and created a healthy dynamic.”

Baha described his first week of camp fun, awesome and amazing. “Making new friends and trying new things,” said Baharini was the best part of camp.
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