My Camp Story

  • graydon-p-photo

    Graydon P

    “I just wanted to be a better person.  I hadn’t been helping people out last summer but I’ve been doing my best this year.  It’s been a part of me since.”
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  • Ashley Lin

    Ashley L

    “Before camp, I did not understand how people can say a few days at camp entirely changed them as a person. I now believe that a person can be entirely changed in a matter of hours at camp."
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  • Cailtyn (1) - Copy

    Caitlyn B

    “Before camp, I was alone a lot during the summer. But now, I have something to look forward to annually.” 
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  • Ellie Weymiller (3)


    Fun, adventurous, and a bit tiring. These are the three words Ellie uses to describe her camp experience.
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  • Arlington_CaseyMoore

    Casey M

    As a teacher at a low income school camp is an experience I hold close to my heart. The ability to build upon knowledge that was gained in an authentic, hands on way is such a powerful tool f
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  • Kay-Jana

    Kay-Jana W

     "I loved that this camp pushed us to our challenges and supported us in our fears," said Kay-Jana. There was so much support."
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  • baharini_std


    “Camp is like a family. Being able to sleep in a cabin with a bunch boys I now call friends, making sounds and laughing is something that I don’t get to do at home.” Baharani Ali
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  • Bryce Round

    Bryce H

    “Camp is accepting. Camp is supportive. Camp is Amazing.”-Bryce Hartzell
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