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Day 9 - YMCA Point Bonita / San Francisco

When we woke up in San Fransisco we had a yummy oatmeal breakfast before heading out towards YMCA Point Bonita, it was only about a thirty minute drive up to what the locals call “The Marin Headlands” where Point Bonita was located.  Once there we met with a wonderful person named Sara and they told us about all the cool programs Point Bonita offers. We quickly learned that Point Bonita is in partnership with the National Parks and was built out of an old military base! Sara also explained to us Point Bonita’s summer day camp programs, called the Y Rangers, that are all based around nature exploration as well as the schools that come to learn with the year-round naturalists. We hiked up to some of their favorite spots to take kids and got to explore all the beautiful areas. 

Once we said our good-byes we got back onto our lovely bus, Gertrude, we drove a whopping seven hours all the way to Northern California where we camped in the Redwood forest. You might ask what we do to entertain ourselves for seven hours on a bus, well here’s a few words that I’ll let you decide exactly what they might mean, Rubix Cubes, Kazoos, and screaming. Since we got to our site pretty late, we set up tents, Juj made us a fantastic rice-a-roni and chicken dinner and then went to bed with full and happy tummies. 

—Bryce, from Tacoma, Washington

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