SF Golden Gate

Day 8 - Presidio Volunteer Day / San Francisco

We all woke up at Big Basin Redwoods state park, packed the bus, ate some breakfast, and left to do our volunteer work! We arrived at the historic Presidio in San Francisco to the volunteer near the Rob Hill Campground, where everyone had positive attitude and learned a few things about invasive plants, such as poison oak, nightshade, poison hemlock, and wild radishes. When we finished our volunteer work, we set up our tents at the Rob Hill Campground. 

Everyone decided on doing a solo hour to either hangout or sleep which was needed. Once solo hours were over most of us decided to walk around and explore the Golden Gate Bridge. Everyone was having tons of fun and got a chance to look at some historical views. We ended the day with campfire coconut curry chicken dinner (thanks Juj!), a group reflection over the campfire embers, then we went to sleep.

—Gavin, from Tacoma, Washington 

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