Day 5 - Lake Siskiyou, CA to YMCA Camp Jones Gulch, CA

We woke up at Lake Siskiyou, we ate breakfast, brushed our teeth, and had some wicked good granola courtesy of Camp Seymour. We hit the road for about two hours and made a quick stop at Dutch Bros for some ridiculously rad coffee. Down road another little bit, we stopped for lunch at the world-famous In-N-Out. It was Amazing! For some of us it was our first time at In-N-Out, and our first time in California, too. Everything was good, until an hour later when we realized the milkshakes shook some things loose — # RealTalk. 

When we finally arrived at YMCA Jones Gulch, 7 hours later, we noticed a few cool features. Shout out to Sarah for hosting us and touring us around the property. They had a huge pool and a beautifully colored Ragger’s Point. They had orange and green rags for younger campers to start the process of setting goals for themselves before officially starting the Ragger program. At Jones Gulch, campers have a choice between a rag with a cross in the middle or a heart to be more accepting of other spiritualities. Another stop on our tour was the horses, and everyone in our group was excited. We took a few minutes to chill and pet the horses. Then we strolled through the redwoods aka the “Valley of the Giants” where we met some celebrity-trees, including #DeadFred. 

Jones Gulch served a buffet-style Thanksgiving dinner with turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, and green beans. Instead of stacking and scraping their food waste at each dinner table, they put their dishes directly inside the kitchen window. They also played games to see who is the loudest cabin/table. For example, when counselors have their elbows on the table, they have to sing a song in front of the whole dining hall. 

After dinner, campers had a choice between going to campfire or going to an “awkward teen dance party” in the dining hall. We chose the dance party! After that, Sarah said it was okay for us to use the staff lounge and hangout. We told stories and had some good laughs and giggled ourselves to sleep.

Olyvia is on deck for the Day 6 blog post, stay tuned for more! 

—Gavin, from Tacoma, Washington

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