Westwind Golden Hour

Day 10 - Camp Westwind

We woke up bright and early at 6:00am at our campground in the Redwoods. By 7:00 we were in our bus, Gertie, and on our way to Camp Westwind on the Oregon coast. The first stop of the day was at Starbucks to fuel everyones coffee addictions (mine being one of the worst). At around noon we stopped at a rest stop for lunch. Lunch consisted of hummus wraps and PB&J tortillas. At the rest stop there was a 300 foot hike to a view of the ocean. A few of us trekked to the lookout and found nothing but a nasty creek and no ocean in sight. The Oregon fog was too much, it was just too thick. After learning about the environmental dangers of treated wood, we walked back to the bus and continued the journey to Westwind. The 7 hour drive was along highway 101-N which meant beautiful views of the ocean almost the whole time. The drive wasn’t too bad. Long drives on Gertie usually consist of a lot of sleeping, yelling, singing, and the occasional friendly argument.

We got to Westwind a little before 3:00. We had to drive down a windy dirt road through the forest to get to the camp. We were greeted by a pile of stinky whale bones. (We later learned the whale had washed up on the beach and Westwind staff have a permit to preserve the skeleton for future education programs.) Soon after, we met two lovely people named Denali (the camp director) and Oakley (the director of teen programs). Oakley gave us a tour of their beautiful camp. It’s located right on the beach and most of the property is sand. Chaco sandals were a blessing for walking around. Oakley showed us some cabins and a lot of different things. The coolest part was their river which kids cross on little barges to get to camp on check-in day. A lot of the kids think the camp is on an island and that the river is the only way in which is just one of the many fun camp secrets. The surroundings of the camp were incredible since it’s right on the beach and the vibes were super chill. We were there on the day of the campers overnight which meant we had the camp to ourselves that night which meant… SHOWERS! 

After showering, we had delicious burgers and fries for dinner. The best part of our time at Westwind came after dinner. We got to have a fire on the beach and watch the sunset. This whole trip I’ve begged to watch the sunset and there couldn’t have been a better place to do it. Eventually, the fire started dying along with our energy so we retired to the tent/cabin thing we were sleeping in (called “Sockeye”). We finally had real mattress which was wonderful and the perfect end to a very long day.  

—Shelby, from Seattle, Washington 

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