Day 11 - Tillamook & Nahelem

This morning, we watched the Camp Westwind flag ceremony outside the dining hall, where they raise the USA flag together with a smaller foreign flag that represents an international staff’s...

Westwind Golden Hour

Day 10 - Camp Westwind

We woke up bright and early at 6:00am at our campground in the Redwoods. By 7:00 we were in our bus, Gertie, and on our way to Camp Westwind on...

Point Bonita Y

Day 9 - YMCA Point Bonita / San Francisco

When we woke up in San Fransisco we had a yummy oatmeal breakfast before heading out towards YMCA Point Bonita, it was only about a thirty minute drive up to...

SF Golden Gate

Day 8 - Presidio Volunteer Day / San Francisco

We all woke up at Big Basin Redwoods state park, packed the bus, ate some breakfast, and left to do our volunteer work! We arrived at the historic Presidio in...


Day 7 - Grey Bears, Camp Kennolyn & Manresa SB

The day is August 8th 2019, we woke up at a mere 5am (the crack of dawn, as Josh beautifully put it) for our volunteering opportunity at Grey Bears, and...


Day 6 - YMCA Camp Loma Mar and YMCA Camp Campbell, CA

After a good nights sleep on the Jones Gulch ball field, we stumbled into the dining hall for some spicy breakfast burritos. We joined the camp for their morning inspiration...


Day 5 - Lake Siskiyou, CA to YMCA Camp Jones Gulch, CA

We woke up at Lake Siskiyou, we ate breakfast, brushed our teeth, and had some wicked good granola courtesy of Camp Seymour. We hit the road for about two hours...

Crater Lake, OR

Day 4 - Crater Lake, OR and Lake Siskiyou, CA

Today was a great day for the Expo group.  We woke up at Aspen Campground in Oregon then drove to Crater Lake National Park. Crater Lake was very beautiful and...

Lake of the Woods, Aspen Campground

Day 3 - YMCA Camp DeBoer

Yesterday we toured YMCA Camp DeBoer. This camp is currently under construction and is planned to open during the 2020 summer season. We were greeted by Lisa Molner and Kelsey...


Day 2 - Gallagher and Collins

Day 2 - Gallagher and Collins  We left YMCA Camp Seymour on Sunday morning, driving further down the Key Peninsula, to arrive at Camp Gallagher. Gallagher was formerly...


Day 1 - Banding Together

Our eight expedition teens arrived at YMCA Camp Seymour today! This select group will spend the next 14 days on an epic road trip with co-leaders Julianna Jenkins (Juj) and Josh Hopp (just Josh). The teens will visit eight different camping programs on the West Coast and will learn leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills along the way. 

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