Sapphire our Blue Sapphire Plymouth Rock

The Plymouth Rock is an American Breed of chicken which is also a dual-purpose breed-bred for both eggs and meat. They are a cross breed of an Andalusian male and a Barred Rock female. They are typically docile birds that lay 5-6 brown eggs per week.


Repecka our Speckled Sussex

Speckled Sussex are among the oldest of British chicken breeds, and they are known as a dual-purpose breed for its use as both a layer and a broiler. When this lovely girl grows up she should be a beautiful reddish-brown color with pure white tips on most of her feathers. They are known to be cold-hardy birds who are very curious. Repecka will likely be one of the chickens following us around the garden as she gets older. When at their peak of laying they typically lay 4-5 brown eggs per week.

Gold Lakenvelder

Harriet our Gold Lakenvelder

Lakenvelders are from Germany and the Netherlands, and though they were originally bred to be a white bird with black markings, a few years ago the Golden Lakenvelder was produced creating beautiful black on gold markings. “Also known as “Shadow on a Sheet”…. the name “Lakenvelder” translates as white spread over a black field; the term means a sheet (laken) across the field (veld).* ” These birds are quite small and lay 2-3 small to medium white to cream eggs per week. Lakenvelders are a threatened breed of chicken.

Ollie 1

Ollie our Olive Egger

Olive Eggers are a mixed breed of Ameraucanas, Marans, and Legbars. Since they are such a mixed breed, their personality and color can vary, but typically they are friendly birds that will lay 3-4 olive colored eggs per week!


Raindrop our Silver Campine

Silver Campines are small and active chickens whose origin is in Belgium. They are not known to be the friendliest chicken, but they are great foragers and are great at evading capture by would-be predators. They lay an average of 3 white eggs per week.


Pearl our Rhode Island White

Rhode Island Whites are an American breed of chicken. Though they share a similar name to the Rhode Island Red chickens, they are actually two completely different breeds. Rhode Island Whites are an active bird that lay 5 to 6 brown eggs per week.


Phyllis our Bielefelder

The Bielefelder is a relatively new breed developed in the 70’s with a number of breeds used in their creation including Malines, Barred Rocks, New Hampshire, Rhode Island Reds, and Welsummers. They are a unique chicken in that the males and female chicks are born a different color which is considered “auto-sexing.” Bielefelders are known as the “Uber Chicken” due to its desirable chicken characteristics of being a dual-purpose bird and its “auto-sexing.”


Ginger our Novogen

Novogens are sweet and docile birds that are incredibly curious and love to forage or free range if given the chance. We had a Novogen before and loved her so much we wanted to include one again in the camp flock! These sweet birds are prolific layers that lay at least 5 to 6 eggs per week!

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