Fatima Cooper

I am from South Carolina. I ended up working at Camp Seymour because of what I refer to as "a prayer and a few button clicks." And even though I wasn't sure back then if I'd like it, this camp has become home. I'm obsessed with animals, especially dogs. I enjoy learning languages and hope to regain fluency in the ones I once knew.


Michelle Malcolm

My name is Michelle Malcolm, I am 24 years old, and I’m from the overpopulated state of New Jersey. I have three siblings, one dog, and one cat back home. I graduated from college in 2016 studying Recreational Therapy, but if I could go back to school now I would study Environmental Science. I have been working with children in different settings since I was a young teen. I enjoy working with people and animals, being outdoors, taking pictures, and learning new things. Some of my favorite pastimes are camping/backpacking, eating good food, spending time with family and friends, and picking up litter. I’m super excited to spend this next school year here in Washington teaching children about our incredible environment.


Ben Williams

Hello my name is Ben Williams, I am a Washington local hailing from Port Angeles. I went to school at WWU for environmental education and environmental science. I am a big nerd, nature, science, video games, sci-fi, fantasy all that good stuff. I enjoy the company of orange juice, burritos, ants and turtles. In my free time I like to read, play basketball, video games, board games and backpacking.

Katie E_2018

Katie Eskridge

I grew up in San Diego, CA and have had a love for the ocean since a young age. I studied marine biology at Oregon State (Go Beavs!). Girl Scout camp and family camping trips were a big part of my childhood and college years. After college, I didn't want to stop working at camp so I looked into outdoor education. Seymour is the third OEE camp I've worked at and this will be my second year here. I can't wait to continue sharing my love of nature with this year's campers! Outside of camp my interests include: board games, comics, ice skating, marine life, birds, adventuring in new places, and photography.

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