Homeschool Fridays

Homeschool Friday programs are hosted one day every month from September through December and are facilitated by our professional Camp Seymour Naturalists staff.

Classes change each month, but always mix environmental education and outdoor recreation. Classes are designed to be active, hands-on, engaging, and interesting for all ages.


This program is designed for a home-school student to meet the following goals:

1. Develop relationships with other home-school students and camp staff.
2. Have fun while experiencing hands-on environmental education taught by professional naturalists. 
3. Learn outdoor and recreational skills in a safe setting.

To meet these goals, we strive to have a low student to staff ratio, have the same few naturalists lead every program, and encourage students and parents to attend each month by varying the classes and having a whole lot of fun!

 Printable Registration Form

Questions? Call or email Heidi at 253-884-3392 or

$31 per student ($26 if they are a YMCA member)


9:45am -10:00am Arrive and check-in at the Camp Seymour upper parking lot
10am – 11:30am Class 1 
11:45am – 12:30pm Lunch
12:30pm – 2pm Class 2
2pm Head to the upper parking lot to be picked up

Dates and Themes

January 25 - Sasquatch Tracking Day

Tracking Sasquatch! In our Sasquatch class, students will employ the scientific method to explore Sasquatch habitat and discover what Sasquatch would eat to survive. Maybe we'll even see a Sasquatch in camp's old forest? Also learn how to move like and track non-mythical animals and identify signs they leave behind. Optional sasquatch tracker costumes encouraged!

February 15 - This Day Rocks

Geology & Climbing Wall! We'll lead an exciting geology lesson utilizing our new stream table. Kids will also get a chance to challenge themselves at Camp's 37-foot-tall outdoor rock wall. Belay on!

March 21-22 - Family Campout

Click here for more information for cost and more information; please don't register for March 22nd day if registering for the family campout.

March 22 - Marine Mammals and Big Canoe

Dive deep into marine mammals with passionate marine educator, Katie Eskridge, with hands-on and interesting activities. We'll also take Camp's Big Canoes out for a paddle on the Puget Sound and look for marine mammals.

April 5 - Survival Day for 10 and older

Alderleaf Wilderness College graduate and current Camp Seymour educator, Nolan Richard, will lead a 4-hour session for the older kids (10 and up only please). Since you'll be "surviving" off the land, we'll stay away from "civilization" including the camp dining hall, so students should pack their own sack lunch for this day. Learn valuable skills that may help you if an emergency happens (earthquake, getting lost, social collapse). We build shelters, do friction fires, forage for wild food, talk about where we could get clean water and stay warm while doing fun and intense survival scenarios.

April 5 - Discovery Hike for 9 and younger

Discover the forest at Camp Seymour through hands-on guided exploration, sensory activities, games, and by using your imagination.

May 3 - Recreation Celebration: Family Day

All students must be accompanied by a family member for the entire day. The last official home school session of the season at Camp Seymour is a celebration. Go where you like! We'll open up the Waterfront for Boating, Archery Range, Reptiles, Marine Science Touch Tanks and low tide beach walk.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: What is the age range?

A: Short answer 6-12

Longer answer: We have had kids of all participate in this program. Our classes are meant to be fun and interesting for any age.

FAQ: Can my 13 to 17 year-old help?

A: Yes, there is a $15 fee for teen helpers that includes lunch.

FAQ: Why is there an additional fee for dropping off my child?

A: For the saftey of all participants in our program, we maintain high standards including a low student to adult ratio. The extra fee helps cover staffing costs of extra supervision. Children 8 and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

FAQ: How do I register?

A: Fill out the registration form. Fax the completed form to 253-460-8897 or email it to Please contact our office 253-884-3392 if you have questions or need help with your registration.

FAQ: Camp I bring my own lunch?

A: Yes, but please leave peanut butter and tree nuts at home.

FAQ: What's the cancellation policy?

A: Pre-payment is required to register as is non-refundable. Full credit is available for cancellations made with at least 48 hours notice.

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