Youth Camps

"I can leave my kids with confidence... knowing they will receive positive and encouraging instruction from all of the leaders and also walk away with a great outlook on possibilities."
Camp helps kids grow

Living in a cabin with 9-11 other boys or girls helps each child learn to accept others for who they are. They learn to work as a team, make new friends and discover a place where they truely fit in. Kids in our Youth Camp program are able to make some choices about activities they want to participate in and find themselves a bit more responsible from having done so.

Age appropriate groups and activities

Kids are assigned a "cabin group" and several cabin groups make up a "unit." These small groups make up a new camp family, that can participate in age-appropriate versions of each of our camp activities. Camp Seymour has built a positive progression that takes into account kids physical and psycological development. We want to support kids getting into the appropriate unit, to ensure they have and experience that helps them grow.

Pioneers - Entering grades 2-3

Low caper to staff ratio to ensure each camper feels welcome and supported in their experience. Campers travel together to activities like archery, boating, the pool, the climbing tower and campfires. Numbers are limited to one girls cabin and one boys cabin/session.

Trailblazers - Entering grades 3-5

Trailblazers learn about independence, and acceptance, while making new friends.

Trailblazers can choose to specialize in sports activities, craft activities or marine science activities, in addition to dabbling in boating, climbing, games, crafts and archery. The YMCA recognizes the need for kids growing up around the Puget Sound to learn to swim. All trailblazers will take a swim lesson during their week at camp. As a trailblazer, campers have the opportunity to spend a night camping out under the stars on camp's ballfield.

Explorers - Entering grades 5-7

The explorer experience is about being yourself and being accepted for who you are. While climbing, paddling, swiming, playing sports and making crafts, explorers dicover who they are. Explorers choose daily "camptivities" that allow them to break away from the cabin group, to specialize in activities like kayaking, climbing, water sports, specilized crafts, soccer, basketball, marine science, outdoor adventure and/or performing arts. These camptivities are designed to be progressive, skill-building classes that allow kids to grow self-confidence and self-esteem.

Voyagers - Entering grades 8-9

The emphasis in the explorer program is on building positive peer relationships and learning to be tollerant of others and their ideas.

Voyagers are often campers comfortable in a camp setting and ready for alittle more. They dabble in all of the traditional camp cativities and traditions, but add some group focused teambuilding games and activities. They participate on camp's low/high ropes course and paddle to Penrose State Park for an overnight stay.

YMCA Core Values

We encorperate values education into everything we do at camp. Learning to share a cabin teaches kids about respect and tollerance. Taking care of the earth or your cabin, or sharing in chores around camp teaches kids about responsibility. The staff encourage honesty and model caring behavior and relationships for campers. Daily "inspirations" are themed around the YMCA core values and are often driven by kids with stories and songs that help teach these imoprtant lessons.         

Specialty Add-ons for 2013

Campers that select specialty add-ons are essentially pre-selecting "camptivities," or 4 day, skill building, curriculum-based specialty programs. Kids that don't select specialty programs have options of selecting from a different pool of age-appropriate "camptivities." There are fees involved in selecting a specialty add-on. Please see the registration form for rates and information about when each activity is available.

 Sailing * Guitar * Marine Science * Performing Arts








Tier 1 $549     Tier 2 $499     Tier 3 $449                 

YMCA Camp Seymour utilizes a tiered pricing structure that enables families with financial challenges not to miss out on a quality camp experience. Please select a rate that works for your family's financial situation.                       

Session 1: June 30- July 6
Session 2: July 7-13
Session 3: July 14-20
Session 4: July 21-27
Session 5: July 28 - August 3
Session 6: August 4-10
Session 7: August 11-17
Session 8: August 18-24