Day Camp


We're here to inspire kids to work together and play together, creating friendships that can last a lifetime.


We are here to surround your kids with fantastic chances to try new experiences. Show them all they can do when they believe in themselves.


We're here to make kids feel welcome. To help them quickly realize this is a place where they belong and can be themselves. To try new things. To make new friends. And be a part of something great.

One Week Sessions Starting June 29 - August 21


$199 Y Members l $204 Non-Member
Entering 1-2 grade

  • Try new activities and games together in small, age-appropriate groups 
  • Groups have smaller staff to camper ratios, and staff are trained to work with first time campers
  • Swim lessons included                           


$199 Y Members l $204 Non-Member
Entering 2-3 grade

  • Create friendships small groups, led by caring adult staff
  • Decide activities together, emphasizing camper choice and collaboration
  • Receive more in-depth instruction during activity time                                


$199 Y Members l $204 Non-Member
Entering 4-6 grade

  • Choose a skill-building "Camptivity" for the week
  • Build and strengthen friendships through teambuilding activities
  • Optional overnight (Session 2 and 7 only)

Printable Registration Form

April 12 and May 3
From 2 -4:30pm

8:45-9:00 am - Check-in
9:00 am - Morning Rally
10:00 am - Activity 1
11:05 am - Lunch
12:00 pm - Activity 2
1:00 pm - Choice Time
2:00 pm - Activity 3
3:00 pm - Unit Game or Swim
4:00pm - Closing
5:00-5:15pm - Check-out

$49 a week from the following locations

Gig Harbor Family YMCA
Bus departs at 8:15am
Arrives at 5:20pm

Haselwood Family YMCA
Bus departs at 7:30am
Arrives at 6:15pm

Port Orchard | Bravo Terrace
Bus departs at 8:10am
Arrives at 5:30pm